optical Sensor systems


At optoneering everything is about spectroscopy:   transmission, reflection and absorbtion

  • Analysis of optical properties in UV - VIS - NIR - IR (200nm - 2200nm)

  • Thin film analysis of single layers or multi-layer stacks

  • Color measurements

optoneering designs electronics, mechanics and software in-house and provides taylored solutions.

New: THIN FILM and COLOR analyser

Reflection sensor system for industry, reasearch and development.

  • 185 x 90 x 90 mm
  • VIS or NIR measurement
  • integrating sphere for really precise measurements
  • Power over Ethernet or 24V power supply
  • Xenon flash and/or halogene lamp
  • flexible data evaluation and database software
  • inexpensive

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System integration for industry

We have a broad knowhow and toolset of electronics, mechanics, software and optics in order to solve many different measurement tasks. To a certain degree we are able to automate processes easily.

For cost effective quality control we can provide a distributed sensornet, where expensive hardware is shared in one place and light signals are transfered from the points of interest with optical fibres.

You are an omt / omt:sys customer?

With optoneering GmbH we are able to continue the service and follow suppport requests for systems and instruments provided by omt GmbH and omt:sys. Please do not hesitate to get in touch with us.